Solid Financial House

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We present to you the group of companies united under a single trademark – Solid Financial House. The main element of the House is "Solid" Investment Financial Close Company which has been operating on the Russian market since 1993.

In addition to the investment and financial company, the Financial House includes: Management Company SOLID Asset Management, CJSC, Solid Bank, CJSC, Solid - Commodities Markets, JSC, Solid-ASK LTD, Teledoc LTD, leasing company Solid-Leasing, LLC, consulting firm IBC Group, LLC, subsidiary brokerage company Solid Financial Services Ltd (Cyprus), Solid Financial Japan (Japan), Solid Financial Services-FX, CJSC, Kama-Center Trading House, LLC and Solid-Kama, LLC.

Such structure of the Financial House allows to provide the full range of financial services to legal entities and individuals: from simple settlement operations to complex financial solutions. Based on traditions and ethical standards of business conduct, applying reasonable conservatism and advanced management technologies, we solve successfully the most challenging tasks for our customers. The foundation of work of Solid Financial House is individual approach to each customer, professional conduct and competency. Solid Financial House offers its customers only the best and the latest solutions for the tasks set.

With confidence in long-term and fruitful cooperation.

President of Solid Financial House 
Vladimir Semernin