Teledoc Credit Platform

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Teledoc is servicing company for Solid-Bank and Solid-ASK. Teledoc credit platform had been developed by the best IT and Finance experts to process and issue bank guarantees online meeting needs of public procurement participants.

Teledoc innovative services allow customers to cooperate with bank specialists distantly and commit changes in documents on time. Such workflow increases the speed of bank guarantee issue, making the process in the most convenient way, and allow to estimate issue terms accurately.

Teledoc Credit platform means the total control over bank guarantee process in real time.

Bank guarantees with Digital Signature for participants of governmental tenders

  • No need to attend bank
  • No deposit or surety required
  • No need to open an account
  • Complete in 1 working day*
  • Electronic workflow
  • Up to 7.5 million rubles**
  • Full national coverage

* returning customers only
** overall bank guarantee provision limit. Maximum bank guarantee value: 5 million rubles per guarantee.

All operations are carried in the credit platform ( No specialized software required.
All documents in the system are signed with digital signature and legal.

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