Solid Financial Services

+357 25 363 680       Limassol, Cyprus

Solid Financial Services Ltd., (SFS) – a subsidiary of a financial company IFC Solid CJSC, registered in Cyprus under license CIF 065/06, issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission on May 23, 2006.    
The company offers its customers two principal groups of services: brokerage services and mutual investment funds.

Brokerage services
Investments in the Russian market: QUIK and NetInvestor platforms provide direct electronic access to the Russian stock exchange.
Major stock exchanges:
Russian market:
MICEX-RTS Stock Market
FORTS Derivatives Market.
Latin America: BM & FBOVESPA
Europe: LSE, Eurex
Upon request, access is provided to other exchanges, including FOREX.


  • Electronic access to futures trading sites is provided by means of reliable trading platforms JTrade and StrategyRunner, access to the stock market – by RealTick and Mtrade platforms;
  • Real-time access is open to the trading accounts, to the graphics package with technical analysis methods, and to the historical data base;
  • Strategy Builder package for designing trading strategies.

Mutual Investment Funds
Customers trust the professionals to seek out profitable investments. Solid Financial Services Ltd. is the administrator of two private mutual investment funds:
Solid Capital Fund and the Solid Commodities Fund.

Solid Capital Fund
A speculative fund focused on investments in the Russian stock market, to trade in futures based on the RTS index. With the help of leveraging, profit can be derived both in declining and in rising market.
In addition, the Fund uses global indices DAX30 and S&P500 to smooth out the effects of world events on the Russian market. The trading strategy is based on finding profitable fast intraday trends through the use of modern theory of image recognition and the method of maximum S-entropy. Minimum subscription for the shares –10,000 U.S. dollars, additional deposits – not less than 5,000 U.S. dollars.
Revaluation of assets.

Solid Commodities Fund
This fixed income Fund attracts investment for trading on the Russian oil market (benchmark – 10% per annum).
The strategy is based on short-term lending to consumers and suppliers of petroleum products, aiding in reliable fulfillment of their mutual obligations.
Commercial risks are covered by the mandatory initial cash deposit of not less than 30% of the cost of petroleum products supplied.
The Fund's Russian counterparty is Solid - Commodity Markets LLC – one of the leading operators on the St. Petersburg International Commodity Exchange. The Exchange's clearing technologies and additional contributions of oil to the trunk pipeline system of Transnefteproduct JSC serve as guarantees of the transactions.

Minimum subscription for the shares is 50,000 U.S. dollars, additional deposits – not less than 10,000 U.S. dollars. Revaluation of assets is at the end of the quarter. Shareholders receive certified audit reports.

Circulation of the fund's shares
The Funds issue shares in U.S. dollars.