Independent Business Consulting Group

Phone:+ 7 (495) 228 70 10
Adress:32A Khoroshevskoye Highway, Moscow, Russia, 123007

Independent Business Consulting Group, LLC (IBC Group, LLC) provides professional services in valuation and consulting areas.
The company provides a wide range of services in corporate finance. In the highest demand are activities of the company in the service area of valuation of:

  • business;
  • securities;
  • preferred shares and shares in the authorized capital of companies;
  • real estate, industrial complexes, construction in progress;
  • the fair value of assets in order to bring the financial statements in compliance with the IFRS;
  • asset complexes in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • collateral for banks;
  • intellectual property;
  • receivables;
  • machinery and equipment.

The Company determines the value of business and any assets for the following purposes:

  • determining its collateral value;
  • purchase and sale transactions;
  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A);
  • attracting funding;
  • conducting IPO, SPO;
  • reporting under IFRS;
  • business reorganization;
  • insurance;
  • litigation and other purposes.

The company works with all major partner organizations of IFC Solid CJSC.

Specialists of IBC Group, LLC are members of the major autonomous organizations:

  • All-Russian public organization "Russian Society of Appraisers" (RSA);
  • Non-profit partnership "Association of Professional Appraisers SIAA" (NP SIAA);
  • Inter-regional autonomous non-profit organization Non-profit partnership "Society of Professional Experts and Appraisers" (IANPO-NP SPEA);
  • Non-profit partnership "Autonomous Association of Russian Masters of Valuation" (NP AARMV);
  • Non-profit partnership "Autonomous Organization "National Board of Professional Appraisers"
    (NP AO NBPA).

The high quality of work is evidenced by:

  • Certificate of Compliance with Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 (No. ROSS RU.OC/07.CMK.11-0085, issued by the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology on January 20, 2011);
  • Work in accordance with international valuation standards IVS, TeGOVA, RICS and ASA;
  • Russia's FSB license for conducting activities associated with the use of information constituting a state secret (GT No. 0011114, issued by the Directorate of the FSB of Russia for the City of Moscow and Moscow Oblast on April 07, 2008).


  • unique valuation experience of business and any assets in any branch of the economy;
  • internally developed methods and algorithms;
  • refined economic and mathematical models;
  • high level of business potential;
  • availability of the license issued by the Directorate of the FSB of Russia.