"Solid" Investment Financial Close Company

+7 (495) 228 70 10   Moscow, Russia

"Solid" Investment Financial Close Company was founded in 1993 and currently provides professional brokerage and depository services, asset management and financial consulting. The company is known as an active participant of the stock market.
Among Russian and foreign professional securities market participants, Solid has a reputation as a reliable partner, which is confirmed by the National Rating Agency (NRA).

Branches and representative offices of Solid
Today are functioning 49 separate divisions:
2 branches and 10 representative offices, as well as 37 sales offices.

Basic information about the company's activities 

Governing Structure
Chairman of the Board Vladimir V. Semernin 
Members of the Board of Directors: Pavel A. Gotsev
Tatiana A. Lazutkina
Anna V. Semernina
Evgeny B. Shchedrin
Andrey Y. Shchelkunov

Management staff of Solid
General DirectorA.A. Kuzmenko
Deputy General Director for Internal ControlI.Y. Buravova
Executive DirectorG.V. Kulagin
Deputy General Director for intra-corporate collaboration - Head of DepositaryT.A. Lazutkina
Head of Legal DepartmentA.V. Semernina
Chief AccountantO.Y.Kalagina

Ratings and achievements

  • "AA +" (very high reliability, level one) - individual reliability rating, the National Rating Agency (NRA), confirmed on 2013.
  • Solid - credit rating at 'A' (high credit) on a national scale, the National Rating Agency (NRA), confirmed on 2013.
  • Solid - 8th place in the ranking of "Major investment companies by the number of active clients – legal entities," "Expert RA" (upon the results of the first six months of 2011).
  • Solid - the best broker in the commodity market of RTS OJSC in 2011. 
  • Solid - the leader of the commodities market of the FORTS futures and options section by the volume of transactions in 2010.

Benefits of working with Solid

  • Reliability – the company has been working on the financial services market for over 20 years.
  • Experience – since 1993, the company has successfully solved diversified financial problems for its customers and partners.
  • Innovation – new technologies and IT solutions that assure effective operation of our clients in the stock markets around the world.*
  • Scale – the company has an extensive regional network in Russia (from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka), as well as abroad (Cyprus and Japan).
  • Professionalism – high qualification of our employees backed by many years of experience in the financial market. All key specialists on the team possess qualification certificates of FSFM of Russia.
    * The clients' interests in the global financial markets are represented by Solid Financial Services Ltd. – a subsidiary of a financial company Solid, registered in Cyprus; license CIF 065/06, issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission on May 23, 2006.

Brokerage services - operations on the Russian and global financial markets
As part of brokerage services, Solid provides access to the following Russian and global financial markets:

  • Moscow Exchange (MICEX-RTS)
    • Securities Market
    • Derivatives Market (FORTS, the futures and options market)
    • FX Market
  • St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange
    • Сommodity Мarket
  • OTC market (including the bill market)
  • Global stock exchanges of the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia*

* The customers' interests of the global financial markets are represented by Solid Financial Services Ltd. - a subsidiary of the financial company Solid, registered in Cyprus; license CIF 065/06 issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission on May 23, 2006.

Brokerage service available to customers with minimal capital and may be carried out by:

  • voice trading (trading on the telephone);
  • Internet - trading (trading via the Internet).

Clients are offered a selection of the latest trading terminals with a choice of suitable IT-solutions for efficient trade. QUIK - the most popular software for providing access to exchange-based and OTC trading systems in real time, as well as:

  • PocketQUIK - a version for Pocket PCs;
  • Web-QUIK - a version for trading from any computer connected to the Internet;
  • iQUIK - a new service for owners of Apple mobile devices - IPhone, IPad, IPad2 (with iOS operating system version 4.2. and above).

QUIK is a service that allows conducting securities transactions from anywhere in the world in real-time, including tracking of quotations, submitting orders for purchase/sale of securities, and to monitor the current status of one's account.
NetInvestor is an information and trading system, which allows not only to trade but also to obtain additional information about the course of trading on various exchanges. The terminal has a built in Strategies Wizard, which can generate automatic orders based on technical indicator signals. NetInvestor API (NIAPI) library allows professional traders to automate their trading.
NIPocket - NetInvestor system client trading terminal for PocketPC-based handheld computers.
SpecMachineNZ - robotic trader workstation intended for speculative futures trading.
TSLab - a program for creating one's own trading systems.
TickTrack - quote delivery program for MetaStock and Omega TradeStation technical analysis systems.
The Plazer Program - program for high speed trading on FORTS. This service is most suitable to traders who use scalping trading strategies.

Additional services offered by Solid

  • Certification Center Services
  • Issuing of digital signature key certificates
  • CIPF Cryptographic information protection facility

Convenient services of the "Center for algorithmic trading" - a unique service for our customers. Ready-made solutions for algorithmic trading on the basis of TSLab trading systems laboratory.
"Private Office" – a convenient service with the ability to connect the electronic digital signature (EDS) – Service in the "Solid – EDI" electronic document management system.
Direct connection to the stock exchanges through a dedicated gateway for increasing the speed of obtaining quotes and placing orders.

Analytical products

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reviews
  • Instant Messaging (trading signals)
  • Fundamental reviews, etc.

Structured products
Structured products of Solid are instruments, the main feature of which is protection of the initial investment against loss. In order to achieve such protection, a structured product consists of fixed-income instruments and assets with high returns. For the client, a structured product is a separate financial instrument with a pre-defined term and ratio of risk and return.

The client independently determines the ratio of risk and return of his investments, depending on his own risk profile. A strategy can be developed whereby an individual investment scheme, indentifying the specific assets and investment terms, will be selected for the client.

Personal investment advice
Personal investment advice is a unique opportunity to work in the stock market in tandem with a professional investment adviser.
Advantages of investment advice:

  • minimizing the risk of an erroneous decision;
  • obtaining trading advice and investment ideas online;
  • developing optimal investment strategies depending on the individual parameters.

Trust capital management in the stock market
At Solid, trust management refers to a wide range of investment strategies aimed at achieving the clients’ individual goals.
This service offers the opportunity to invest in various instruments available on the stock market, relying on existing as well as individually designed strategies:

Focusing on stocks

  • Russian stocks
  • Speculative

Focusing on bonds

  • Russian bonds

Hybrid instruments (stocks and bonds)

  • Solaris

Individual strategies

  • Individual

Solid Depositary
Solid has been carrying out depositary activities since 1998.
Currently, the Depositary services securities of more than 1,200 issuers and more than 17,000 securities accounts have been opened for individuals and legal entities, residents and nonresidents.

Management Structure:

  • T.A. Lazutkina - Deputy General Director for intra-corporate collaboration - Head of Depositary (Moscow)
  • N.N. Gudkova - Head of Depositary Department (Almetyevsk)

Solid has established interdepositary correspondent relations with National Settlement Depository (NSD). Is the central securities depository of the Russian Federation, a part of the Moscow Exchange Group.

Depositing of securities in the Solid Depositary not only provides safe storage and recordkeeping of clients’ securities, but also gives them the opportunity to actively work in the stock market:

  • To carry out stock transactions on the leading stock exchanges through Solid brokers or independently by means of QUIK and NetInvestor online trading;
  • To utilize the margin lending service against securities;
  • To accept securities as collateral, and to provide access to conducting operations on the futures market without the need of transferring funds to a clearing firm.

Solid Depositary Services

  • Record keeping of holders (depositors) and securities belonging to them.
  • Tracking of the rights enshrined in securities.
  • Registration and verification of the transfer, provision and limitation of the rights enshrined in securities.
  • Storage of the securities and protection of the rights enshrined in these securities.
  • Informing the depositors about the convocation of general meetings of shareholders, payment of dividends and other corporate actions of the issuer.
  • Participation in the general meetings of shareholders on behalf of the depositor as the representative of the latter.

Solid Depositary has a vault
The vault meets the requirements for facilities of this type, which allows the exercise of activities related to depositary duties, such as taking the custody of non-equity certificated securities (promissory notes, certificates of deposit), and also provide services for the domiciliation of bills issued by regional issuers. For over 10 years, Solid has provided annual insurance coverage for depositary risks; since 2011 - with Renaissance Insurance Group.

Corporate Finance Services (valuation, consulting, audit)

Solid has been represented on the valuation and consulting services market for over 15 years and has managed to establish itself as a reliable partner of the largest companies and government entities. Solid works with the following organizations:
Gazprom JSC; RZhD JSC; Tatneft JSC; Atomenergoprom JSC; FSUE Rosmorport; X5 Retail Group; the Big Four (PwC, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte); Federal Agency for State Property Management (FAUGI, Rosimushchestvo); Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre, and Cartography (Rosreestr); the Federal Highway Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (Rosavtodor); the Department of Municipal Property, Moscow; PromSviazBank JSC; Banca Intesa JSC; TA Management Company (UCL Holding) and many others.

Types of consulting services

  • Valuation - a full range of valuation services of the business and all types of assets
  • Expert evaluation of reports of independent appraisers
  • Development of corporate strategy, business planning
  • Support of business mergers and acquisitions
  • Help in attracting equity and debt financing
  • Restructuring of debt owed to banks and of distressed assets, financial recovery of the business
  • Conversion of financial statements into IFRS format
  • Legal support of transactions and other corporate actions
  • Vulnerability assessment of transport infrastructure and vehicles

Solid offers services aimed at attracting financial resources through bill financing and bond issues. Currently, as an alternative to bank loans, promissory notes and bond loans are effective tools for attracting financial resources, and allow performing the following tasks concurrently:

  • Attracting medium- and long-term funding;
  • Diversification of the resource base;
  • Establishing public credit history;
  • Reducing the cost of borrowing.

Solid also offers to businesses its services as:

  • organizer of bond issue;
  • financial and legal advisor;
  • placement agent;
  • underwriter and market maker.

Benefits of working with Solid in the area of corporate finance:

  • Experience – Solid has been a trusted partner of major companies and government entities for over 15 years;
  • Scale – the company has experience in successfully advising large and medium-sized companies of virtually all sectors of the Russian economy;
  • Professionalism – the company's specialists have over 7 years of experience advising corporate clients (large industrial companies, banks, etc.);
  • Integrated solutions that include financial and legal aspects – Solid is a part of Solid Finance House, which includes a bank, a managing company, a leasing company, a broker and trader in the market of petroleum products, etc. Each of the partners of the team is an expert in his field, which allows us to offer solutions for the presented tasks;
  • Individual approach – active engagement of partners in solving problems in each of the projects allows a more flexible approach and discussions of any details of the project;
  • Reasonable prices and acceptable terms – rendering of quality services at the level of major consulting firms and investment banks but cheaper and faster.

Solid Learning Center
Solid offers a wide range of training courses, which take place in Moscow and in the regions. Classes are conducted by experienced professionals with extensive practice of working in the market.
The purpose of these courses – training of trading in financial markets. Courses are conducted jointly with partners who have the appropriate licenses.

The Dealing Project
The Dealing Project is focused on the preparation of professional traders.
Within this project, trained candidates can independently carry out transactions with securities and derivatives on Russian exchanges.
Training consists of several stages with a gradual increase in the limits on the accounts of the successful candidates. The project does not require financial investment by the candidates.

Features of the project:

  • On-line consultation on management of real investment accounts;
  • Ability to increase the limits on trading accounts that are the subject of consultation, upon meeting of specified conditions;
  • Earning a percentage of the settlement income;
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world;
  • Receiving special analytical materials.

Solid Auction Center

Based upon agreements with the Government of Moscow, Solid organizes auctions for setting of rental rates and for the sale of Moscow municipal property.
For owners.
The contract for the provision of services includes:

  • informational support of the tender process in accordance with the law;
  • development of the auction documentation;
  • conduct the bidding campaign;
  • handling the earnest deposits of the bidders;
  • conducting the auction by engaging a professional auctioneer;
  • participation in the auction committee together with representatives of the owner;
  • concluding a contract on behalf of the owner with the winner of the auction;
  • monitoring the transaction settlement;
  • support the ownership transition process.

The Auction Center staff is ready to advice prospective property buyers and renters on the following:

  • conditions for participation in the auction;
  • processing of documents for participation in the auction;
  • organizing the inspection of the property offered for sale;
  • auction procedures;
  • benefits of CSIF and the procedure for depositing property thereto;
  • registration of property rights.